Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kitchen Guardian Food Is Open!!

Hi all! I wish to announce that Kitchen Guardian Food is open! Yes, I'm ready to take orders "officially", even though I have been baking for the past few months already. This blog which should have been on the roll much earlier had been put off due to so many mmm and ahhhs, and procrastinations, I can't delay this anymore.

Here, I also wish to make special tributes and "thank yous" to Safura of divinelydelicious, my baking sifu whom I learnt to make choux pastry and got me to attempt baking, Mrs Nordin aka BJ for having the faith in me and ordered my first profiteroles and Ms Whiz of wizcakes for teaching me the tecniques to become a sugar artist! Also special thanks to all of you who had ordered and kept on ordering...